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Stars Whose Dark Secrets Were Exposed In 2018

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Who wouldn’t be interested in the deep, dark secrets of the world’s biggest stars? It’s never been easier to keep track of our favorite celebs, or find out things that they would’ve preferred to keep hidden forever. From bad behavior to violent relationships to full-fledged secret cults, these are darkest celebrity secrets that got unearthed in 2018.

Pooch gets pinched | 0:19
​Jeffrey Tambor’s on-set madness | 0:55
Kim Cattrall shuts down SJP | 1:39
Pauley Perrette vs. the ‘machine’ | 2:28
​Allison Mack’s cult | 3:24
​Tommy Lee’s family fight | 4:01
Meghan Markle: Secret gossip hound? | 5:06
The explosive Heather Locklear | 6:05
Thomas Ravenel’s violent acts | 7:03
​Asia Argento’s secret settlement | 8:35

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10 thoughts on “Stars Whose Dark Secrets Were Exposed In 2018

  1. Just watched Comedian in Cars with Jerry Seinfeld and SJP. At the restaurant, SJP told Jerry to leave a $10 tip on a $37 bill. Wtf. I now believe anything bad I hear about her. That’s awful. Jerry was appalled.

  2. Sick. What has the mishaps of other’s lives to do with us. Ask yourself the question: if YOU were a celeb… would you have liked to be exploited and pestered by papparazzi and scandal stories like this? Is YOUR own house in order, you without blemish? Really.

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